Intercon on its own and also in collaboration with CORD-M [Center for Organization Research & Development in Management] has been active in the training field for over 15 years. We address 3 segments in the training arena:

  • In-Company Programs
  • Public Programs
  • Programs for colleges

1. In-Company Programs:

Making every employee count……

We prefer to custom design programs for each learner group. Some of the programs we have delivered are:

Custom Designed Program:

Designed programs for mid and senior management personnel covering following development areas:

  • Managerial Effectiveness
  • PMS
  • Delegation and Empowerment
  • Collaboration
  • Change Management
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Building
  • Communication Skills
  • General Management
  • Management Retreat
  • Train The Trainer
  • Trade Union Management
  • Interview skills

Sample list of organizations:

  • Alpla India p ltd (An Austrian MNC)
  • Incessant Technologies
  • TIME
  • Intense Technologies
  • DrReddys Ltd
  • Indian Airlines
  • HMT
  • BHEL
  • Infosys
  • ASCI
  • Gati Cargo
  • J K Seeds
  • NMDC

2. Public Program:

i. You Can Do More….A Lot More:

A 2 day program at ISB.

Simple steps to improve employee productivity.

  • This program tries to improve effectiveness of employees by getting them to analyze gaps in potential and actual performance and making a road map for filling the gaps.
  • The Program exposes participants to advantages of proactivity, goal setting and judicious use of time. An interesting part of the program is the one on Anger control.
  • This program can be done in 2 fulldays.
  • Another interesting model we discovered is to break this program into 12-16, two hour sessions and deliver at work place during working hours.

ii. Selling Skills

  • People with good selling skills think that they are no good at selling. They need realization.
  • Those with good communication and confidence may not be getting desired results, while selling, due to some of minor issues. They need a mirror and an opportunity to fine-tune tactics.
  • Those with low confidence, inadequate communication skills and low sophistication may think that they are not cut out for sales. They need to understand that selling is not just English, sophistication and confidence. There are many other, perhaps important ingredients that are crucial for selling that they may possess in abundance.
  • All of us need a bench mark to see where we stand in the selling skill chart; so that some adjustments can be thought of and achieved.

3. Training for Colleges:

For Management Schools:

i. Compass: Is a 50-100 hour program meant for management students. It aims to improve quality and quantity of jobs at the campus by imparting the following:
  • Practical Aspects of Management
  • Analysis of Global & National economies
  • Industry Sector analysis
  • Company and Competitor analysis
  • Interview and GD Practice
ii. Campus Recruitment Program: This program focuses on succeeding with:
  • CV Writing
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview
iii. Faculty Development Program: This will help faculty members to reduce gap between text book/class room studies on the one hand and corporate expectations from a management student
iv. Workshop for placement team: How to build relations with corporate sector, and harness it.

Why Intercon?

  • Focus on Research before Design.
  • Focus on Learning and not teaching.
  • 20 years experience in variety of programs.
  • Utmost respect for learner.
  • Follow up - Post Program.


It was a great learning session, thank you for putting together for us.
There are many inputs from the session to implement in our interactions with clients. I will definitely put some of the things to practice like comparing our product/services to maximize.

Madhavi Sangawar | Manager - Business Development | Gallop Solutions

Selling skills workshop conducted by Mr Shantaram was the biggest turn around for my program. One key take away was how we position ourselves in the market. It changed the way i plan, prepare n position my training program to

Sruti Mashru

I owe you a big thank you Mr. Shantharam for organising a very effective selling skills training programme at ISB last month. 
My team came back energised and with a bounce in their step. 
Business is tough and competition is ruthless, investments into training like your programme is our hope to stay on top. 
Pls plan the next one and we would like to send a few more of our team.

Cheers ! 
Bashir Babu Khan
Vibrant Ford

From a ‘HELLO’ to successful ‘HANDSHAKE’ at its best, learn at ‘SELLING SKILLS’ by Mr.Shantaram.
His approach to train people is innovative, sophisticated and targets to add value to client relationship.

Sanjay Ahuja
Just Bagz

Dear Mr. Shantaram,

I must say the course was excellent. The group was full of energy. I am working on a few concepts.
Must share a traffic incident today, my driver is on leave for the last few days. I was driving to my clinic happened to overtake a car unintentionally, this guy got furious started honking and chasing me.
I normally would give him a tough chase, but I just slowed down and let him pass by, he couldn't understand. I had a smile on my face, I felt sorry for the guy.
Thank you for making me realize.

Dr Sushanth.

Dear Shantaram

If only the present day Medical Doctors share a fraction of the concern as you show as a Professional trainer in follow-up the world would be much happier and healthier.
Yes my “on road ranting” has very much reduced.
Today I had to “dress down” my team member and then I checked myself and was much subtle and then the result was good.

Warm regards
Natarajan Sitaraman

Hello Shantaram Sir,

I hope this email finds you in best of times and I am sure you are preparing for another awesome session this coming weekend.
I have few updates if not many.
1. I did give back that someone’s remote I had and believe me, days are so peaceful and so calm.
2. I had always liked to dance and wanted to learn an ethnic dance form. I had been giving all kinds of excuses. Finally joined classes. And it’s been so lovely. This is the best thing I have ever done to myself.
3. I had not updated with any new stuff at work for a long time. I don’t believe that I had read more than 200 articles and started coding new pieces at work. Feels good.
With these good feelings and a smile on my lips and a sparkle in my eyes, I wanted to tell you, keep up the good work and wait for more updates!

Warm regards
Principal Visual Designer
Progress Software, India

Dear Shantaram Garu,

It was a wonderful training programme I have attended ever. Being professional in the industry in past 20 years I have attended several training programmes (including international ones) I felt the effectiveness this programme was far superior . First thing I have done is sharing the entire training content including my notes and the reading material with my family (Wife , Daughter & Son). Which obviously helped to spend a better Sunday together and clear many pending things. Looking forward to put them into practice in work place as well. Thank you very much for the guidance during the training programme. Thanks to Madhulika as well for all the wonderful arrangements.

Best Regards,
VP - Business Development

Dear Mr. Shantaram,

Once again sincere thanks for providing an opportunity to attend the wonderful workshop on "Personal Effectiveness"
Recently, one of my senior team members has resigned.  Then I have reviewed one of our June sessions and called the next immediate senior team member and explained about the vacancy in the group.  I have inquired about only his strengths (I did not inquire about his weaknesses). He was ready to accept challenges, next position and he himself requested my help to overcome his weaknesses.  Then, I have decided and handed over the higher position cum responsibility to him.
I am hoping that it will definitely pay good returns to my group in the long run (may be in next 6-8 months’ time).
Secondly, though I was saying good words and sending encouraging mails to my team members (earlier rarely), however, now I have slightly increased the frequency to increase the enthu of my team members.

K. Ranjith Kumar
R&D Professional -- Aurobindo Pharma

Dear Shantaram & Team,

It was indeed a great experience and in parts, the program was eye opening. I fee enriched and am sure would continue to feel the same way. Thanks for making it truly memorable.

Ramakrishna Lanka
Vice President – Offshore Services
Dupont India.

After a long time I was with a set of people who were more grounded and sincere. The participants were transparent and earnest in their approach to the training which further reinforced my resolve to give 100% to the program i.e I allowed myself to be carried away by their enthusiasm.
Private Equity -Fund Manager

Dear Shantaram sir,

It’s been 10 days since attended your course on "self and business management". I am happy to say that course is becoming more meaningful as I contemplate on it and connect back to the ideas taught by you. With each experience of day to day life I am able to appreciate the importance of the contents of the two day course.
It was like god’s gift to me. A co-incidence when I casually turned the pages of Channel-6, that I saw the article on the course. I could have easily missed it. God destined that I see it. Then I wrote Ms Madhulika's email ID on the nearest available paper (a paper napkin) and forgot the whole thing. Next day when I changed my shirt, I found the paper, and emailed Madhulika. Reply was fast. I thought about the course ... googled about Intercon, googled about you, I made several phone calls to Madhulika ....and finally got convinced. I made a very good decision in my life.
In past few days I have been useful to many people as I could apply what I learnt. Simple things but weight in gold. I have suggested the course to few of my close friends in DRDL and BDL.
Perception, effectiveness (being useful), spirals, counselling…all things covered were simple and superb.
I will continue sharing my thoughts.

K R Ramesh Kumar,
Scientist –DRDL

Mr. Shantaram,

Thanks again for the great training I will try my level best to implement all the learning’s what I had.
I think the timing of the training was perfect for me as the economy is down I think this is the time for me to sharpen my axe so that I will be in much better shape when economy is good.    

Sunchoe Felix
Associate Manager - Finance Shared Services
Harsco India Services Pvt. Ltd. (GIP)

Some other short feedbacks were:

  • I will never get angry at anyone and I will stop smoking
  • I will stop giving free advise
  • I will build relations at home and at office
  • I will praise people in public
  • Achieve your Potential
  • I liked the sandwich technology
  • I have the power to choose the response
  • Own our mistakes and Encourage wins of others
  • A new chapter has begun in my life from 14/15 June
  • I want to commence the efforts to build an Old Age Home
  • From today I don’t want to complain about others
  • It helped me minimise my ego
  • Great Inputs for a better life …


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