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Our Services

Quote By Intercon

“Bringing Critical Pieces Together >>>> People ”

Our Mission & Values

Take over the burden or responsibility of selection from the client, if the client so desires.

Grow to be a 'Reliable HR Partner' with each client we engage with.

Assist clients in Talent Acquisition and productivity optimization.

Human Dignity - Treat job seekers with utmost care.

Reduce Executive Time employed by the client.

Focus on candidate Interview Experience to enhance client 'HR-Brand'.

Intercon is engaged in this vital function for 37 years. Earlier we had associates in multiple cities but now technology has enabled us to perform our role being at Hyderabad. We have search capabilities in India and to a limited extent in Gulf, Singapore and USA.

Focus Area:

Start-up ventures
Small & Medium Size Enterprises

Sweet Spot:

Organizations with Rs.20 to Rs. 150 crore revenue
Organizations with 50 to 300 associates.


We can reduce Client – Executive time Thorough Assessments:
Interviews are not fool proof methods of evaluation. Every interviewer runs the risk of committing :
Alpha Error: Selecting the wrong candidate.
Beta Error: Rejecting the right candidate.
Intercon assists Clients in reducing these errors by :
As far as possible Proposing candidates known to us for many years.
Conducting thorough reference checks.
Administering psychometric test to candidates to supplement interview assessments.
Hand holding from job description stage to on-boarding.

Our Practices

1. Executive Search:

This practice performs search for critical & senior management roles, typically at CXO levels. The consultants here bring to the table comfort with the business world, ability to understand an industry sector and importantly keenness to recognize business drivers of the client organization. Our service includes assisting clients with candidate's specification establishment, compensation range setting, search, reference checks, salary, negotiation and hand holding till joining.

A list of some positions we have successfully worked on in recent years:
• CEO : NSL Power
• Group Finance Head : NSL Group
• Group HR Head : NSL Group
• COO : Kamineni Hospitals
• Principal Sancta Maria International School
• Director : South State Business School
• CEO : T.I.M.E (Mumbai)
• Director India Operations : Harsco

2. Turn Key Recruitment:

We do not work in multi – vendor situations. We prefer to work with either exclusivity or retainers or both. This model of ours is suitable where organizations do not have an elaborate HR department or where organization prefers to focus on employee engagement, development and retention.

In turn key model our services include:
• Candidate specification establishment/writing JD's
• Salary survey
• Source and sourcing strategy
• Evaluation through interviews
• Shortlist submission to client with comments & memory tools.
• Interview co-ordination
• Front office support at client site; where large numbers of candidates are scheduled.
• Assist in short list / selection.
• Reference check for selected candidates.
• Assist in salary negotiations.
• Document verification
• Offer preparation
• Hand holding from offer to joining
• Induction ( where required)

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