The swimmer is struggling. There is hardly any efficiency in what he is doing. But he thinks that he is doing everything he can. Whereas the person standing outside the pool and watching can clearly see what are the mistakes the swimmer is doing. He also knows how to correct the follies and swim without struggle and to good effect. But the swimmer does not recognize the need for an impartial observer, who knows swimming, and who can easily make the swimmer realize the mistakes. These are called Blind Spots. Many people may not be aware of the Blind Spots that are slowing them down.

Coaching is the need here.

The outsider, who is observing the swimmer, is the coach.

The coach in a business scenario also assists the coachee identify one's blind spots and overcome them. This can be helpful both in work situation and while co-managing family.

Some of the Blind Spots could be:

A. Business Owners:

  • Inability to balance long term and near term issues.
  • Inability to focus on strategy and execution.
  • Inability to respect professionals and hence not able to build teams.
  • Improper balance between my view, my methods on one hand and those of others (Autocracy or Abdication).
  • Unwillingness to pay market prices for talent needed by organization. Continuous compromise on quality. Hence having to do everything by oneself.
  • Inability to trust employees. When you don't trust employees / subordinates, they are unlikely to trust you. What kind of a company will this be?
  • Short temper leading to un-professional behavior with employees; even senior ones sometimes. Most good people leave this company. Those who do not have confidence in themselves or who cannot find another job stay and play a survival game. Politicking and bickering will be very high here. Focus on excuses and blaming. Productivity low. Collaboration……what does that mean?

B. Mid and Senior Managers in Corporate:

  • Strong in technical areas. Grow to senior management roles. Not learnt customer management skills or pitching skills or presentation skills.
  • Technically strong managers grow into senior positions. They use old styles of managing people bringing into play friction, politics, blaming.
  • Technically strong managers grow into senior positions. They are clueless / lazy about global economy, industry, strategy, competitor activity. Their analytical skills are inadequate.
  • Inability of senior managers to delegate / empower subordinates resulting in under performance. Plus there is no 2nd line in the company.
  • Too much supervision. Too much centralization.
  • Young executives identified to take up managerial positions….. need a lot of competencies.

How does coaching work?

  • 121 sessions with coach.
  • 6 months to 12 months duration.
  • A list of competencies can be discussed and certain competencies can be identified.
  • Monitor competence mid way and end of the program.
  • Coaching can be done for small groups of people 2 to 4. Some will be group sessions and rest will be 1 to 1.
  • For more details, read: Coaching.docx


Sierra Cedar India Pvt Ltd.

Sierra is the Indian arm of the US based organization engaged in implementation and maintenance of Oracle ERP Solutions. A group of managers leading small teams of 3-10 members were identified who:
Could be groomed to take up bigger responsibilities with client interface.
Have deficiencies in managerial skills/styles not aligned to corporate values.
This section also needed to be groomed to take-up higher responsibilities. This assignment has been completed to the satisfaction of both the participants and management.

ALPLA India Pvt Ltd.

We assisted a group of Factory Heads who have high technical and operational skills but who needed people development orientation, second line development and alignment with core company values.

Under Process:

Third one, a leading Hyderabad based education group engaged in running an international school, an intermediate college and a degree college.
Worked closely with the promoter assisting in launch of a new business, organization building, policy making and culture building.
Ongoing for last 5 years.
Fourth one, a leading serum based vaccine manufacturer.
Working with the promoter family and assisting in role allocation, elimination of duplication, building leadership team, harnessing higher contribution from leadership team members.
Assisted in establishing appropriate approaches to senior management team, evolving HR policies and putting in place HR systems.
Under Process.